Electrical Safety

Ohm Electrix is proud to be included in the new "Electrical Competent Person Register", launched on 30th June 2014. This replaces the two previous safety registers which were amalgamated to give a single point of reference for homeowners.

All electricians listed and permitted to display the mark are registered with an electrical Competent Person Scheme Operator authorised by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Welsh Government.. This means they meet strict entry requirements, their work is regularly assessed, demonstrating their ability and ongoing competence, and that it meets the correct standards.

Householders are generally unaware that, since 2005, the electrical industry has been under strict regulation of Part P – the section of the Building Regulations that covers domestic electrical work. 

Hiring a registered electrician means hiring a professional who is properly qualified to work on your household electrics, in compliance with Part P. Not only does this mean legally required safety standards are met, it could also make life easier if you should come to sell your home.